Eco-Friendly, High Performance Ski Wax Launches With ‘5 Second Spray&Go’ Feature

28th February 2019

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It promises to work better than existing ski wax and keep harmful chemicals off the slopes. And it’s ready to go in just 5 seconds. It’s called NanoWaXXX and it’s available to buy from today at

The new wax technology, worldwide patent pending, has been developed by a team of British and Norwegian ski and snowboard professionals with over 25 years’ experience in instruction, maintenance and development. It uses next-generation nanotechnology to deliver amazing performance, in an easy-to-use, eco-friendly formula.

Today on the slope, co-founder Chris Norton is demonstrating what he calls the NanoWaXXX ‘instant wow-factor’. Brandishing a flat, palm-sized spray bottle for the camera, he asks a passing skier to extend a leg. Without releasing the binding, he watches as his skis are conditioned and ready to go in five seconds.

How does it work? Unlike existing petrochemical wax products that simply sit on the surface and wipe off, NanoWaXXX uses nanoparticles 800 times thinner than a human hair that absorb into the ski or snowboard. It then forms a powerful chemical bond which also changes the frictional qualities of the material – with instant, dramatic results.

“It’s a triple benefit,” Chris explains to the curious crowd that has gathered. “It performs better, it goes on easier, and it’s eco-friendly.” According to Chris and his team, who have spent the last few years travelling around resorts and industry expos, skiers and snowboarders are beginning to switch on to eco-awareness in a big way. “It’s suddenly become a major issue,” he agrees. “so, we think it’s definitely the right time for an eco-friendly wax.” At the same time, he says that it’s also about taking wax technology and performance forward. “It has to work better than the previous technology,” he insists.

“That’s what we’ve done with NanoWaXXX – better performance all round.”

There’s also a Racing version – same nanotechnology and eco-friendly credentials but longer prep-time in return for even higher performance. “It’s using the same patented technology but with a slightly different ‘delivery method’,” Chris explains. “The Spray&Go! optimises speed of absorption for instant use while the Racing version optimises depth and strength of absorption and bonding for that extra high level of performance and demand.” Both versions have been endorsed by the world’s fastest snowboarder, Edmond Plowczyk, and feedback from casual users to professionals has been positive.

On paper, it’s an unbeatable combination but Chris and team know that customers need to make the leap of faith and try NanoWaXXX out for themselves if they are to become believers. They’re hoping that curiosity in the new nanotechnology combined with a growing desire to invest in ‘Greentech’ will cause skiers and snowboarders to make that step and discover the next generation in ski wax technology.