MIPS Increases Presence in Helmet Models

24th February 2020

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Adding 25 new brands and 135 new helmet models in 2019 must be seen as a good sign that MIPS is becoming more and more of a standard in most types of helmets today, the company says.

MIPS, the Swedish brain safety technology company that has been working in the field of helmet-based brain safety with over 20 years of research. The company has just presented their year-end report for 2019.

The report shows a continued and strengthened trust in the brand with a total of 103 brands and 583 helmet models on the market together with MIPS’ partner brands, also showing a net sales increase by 39%.

“The MIPS’ brand is continuously being strengthen through repeated best in test acknowledgments by independent testing institutions, positive articles in several sport and category specific media and a broader offering of helmet brands. This has led to an increased consumer demand for helmets branded with the yellow MIPS logotype”, says Max Strandwitz, CEO, MIPS.

“We have also noted that more and more customers have taken the strategic decision to offer the MIPS BPS in all their helmet models. The American helmet brand Specialized received a great response in bicycle media when communicating their all-in commitment with MIPS some time ago. During the quarter, we saw two additional examples of this when the lifestyle helmet brand Nutcase as well as Bollé announced that they intend to implement the MIPS BPS in all their bicycle and snow helmet models. Naturally, we are very pleased with these brands’ commitment to offer safer helmets”, Max Strandwitz concludes.