SkiStar’s Closing Åre, Sälen and Vemdalen Early

1st April 2020

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The Public Health Authority has made clear that the measures that SkiStar has taken to reduce possible spread of contamination in connection with skiing on slopes and lifts have been satisfactory. The ski resorts are closed after SkiStar has consulted with the Public Health Authority about the prevailing situation regarding the local and regional pressure that is now on health care in areas in which SkiStar operates.

Health care needs to gather strength to take care of an increased number of patients in connection with the spread of covid-19. An increased number of travelers would risk overloading an already-stressed healthcare, says Johan Carlson , Director General of the Public Health Authority

During the past week, we have intensified the dialogue with the health services in the regions in which we operate to create a picture of how they view the situation. Throughout this pressured situation, we have had great confidence in the health care in our regions as well as the Public Health Authority, which are experts in the matter. It was obvious to ask them for advice after the signal we received from close dialogue with the healthcare system, says Stefan Sjöstrand CEO SkiStar.

The ski areas in Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen are closed from 6 April. This means that the arriving Easter guests who were expected to come Saturday-Sunday are immediately contacted and given the opportunity to book or re-book next year. In Norway, SkiStar’s ski resorts Hemsedal and Trysil were closed immediately after both municipalities decided on measures following the Norwegian government decision.

Health and safety goes first and foremost. We want healthcare to have all the conditions they can to cope with this burden of care. We hope that the guests who are booked will choose to book their trip next year. I personally think we are many who need something to look forward to a little further when we have gone through this, says Stefan Sjöstrand CEO SkiStar.

SkiStar’s decision is supported by Governor Jöran Hägglund, Jämtland Härjedalen, and Dalarna’s Governor Ylva Thörn, who both appreciate the dialogue that existed between SkiStar and the Regions and welcome the decision.