Award-Winning Aeroskin Racesuit

19th November 2018

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In time for the start of the winter season, the Nordic teams sponsored by Odlo have been equipped with the award-winning Aeroskin Race Suit. For improved performance, Odlo has developed an innovative garment with unique aerodynamic advantages to save important seconds. This technologically advanced Race Suit is also available through the Odlo Custom Program for passionate cross-country skiers who do all they can to win the race.

In the sporting world, success and failure are determined by the narrowest margins. Increased speed and tighter finishes are the norm in today’s Nordic skiing competitions. A split second makes all the difference between winning and losing. To ensure enhanced performance, Odlo offers the aerodynamically-engineered Aeroskin Race Suit, the ultimate time-saving weapon, to the Swiss, Norwegian, French, Japanese and Slovenian Nordic skiing teams who are sponsored by Odlo. To engineer such an innovative and industry-leading performance piece, Odlo collaborated with world class athletes, top research institutes and leading garment manufacturers. After more than two years of development with over 22 different styles and 92 production layouts, our teams are now all set for the start of the winter season at the end of November in Ruka (Finland) for the Nordic combined and cross-country skiers, and Pokljuka (Slovenia) for the biathlon.


The next generation Race Suit provides enhanced airflow thanks to aerodynamic zones where the wind impact is greatest. These zones, mainly located around the arms and legs, are characterised by their 3D fabric structure that generates increased air turbulence and drag reduction. Elaborate computer simulations using the Aeroskin Race Suit under realistic conditions have shown a time saving of 22 seconds within a two-hour race. As well as the aerodynamic fabric composition, Odlo guarantees optimal moisture management, maximum breathability through ventilated mesh zones in the back, and ultimate freedom of movement thanks to high elastic lycra.