British mountain clothing brand Jöttnar Partners with UK Mountain Rescue Teams

22nd December 2018

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Luxury outerwear brand Jottnar have announced that they will be to kitting out Tayside Mountain Rescue Team with a full shell/mid layer/base layer clothing system. They will also be also be supplying Lochaber and ArrocharMRTs (both Scottish highlands). Supplying an MRT is a visible and high profile endorsement of the brand.

Created by ex-marine’s and tested by Jottnar’s pro-team of professional base jumpers, skiers and climbers, the brand has acquired a reputation for the quality and innovation of its gear since its 2013 launch, and as the volume of private customers has grown, so too has its professional and corporate users.

Mountain rescue teams, ski patrollers, film crews, specialist military units and guiding companies have all become customers, allowing the company to raise further funding and to continue investing in fabric technology and manufacturing. The range is set to expand from its current 21 to 37 products.