EXTREME Facebook Movie Mission

27th January 2019

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EXTREME is delighted to announce a new initiative to show weekly and daily action, adventure and lifestyle movies on demand at no cost on Facebook.com/EXTREME.

As the founders of The Extreme Sports Channel, they have always been leaders in action and adventure sports entertainment. Currently they have some of the most engaging media platforms amongst fans gaining more than 100 million video views and a global reach in excess of 150 million people a month.

This new project sees EXTREME releasing a wide range of entertainment, such as full-length movies, short form and live content across a range of action, adventure and lifestyle sports available free on their Facebook page for viewers to enjoy.

In addition, EXTREME is hosting Facebook Watch Parties with a collection of their partners where viewers can watch each movie while interacting live with the athletes, producers and directors giving them the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts.

With this new project, they are bringing even more exciting, innovative and fresh content, continuing their objective to provide the best quality entertainment and drive engagement amongst fans.

Ryan Maxwell, EXTREME Managing Director – Media & Marketing

“Facebook and its new features have created an opportunity where fans are only a click away from watching their favourite athlete or idols in their latest movie. We are always trying to embrace new opportunities to provide the best experiences for fans.

The demand for action/adventure and lifestyle content has dramatically increased and it’s our aim to further inspire and drive engagement amongst fans by sharing our passion.”

Featured sports and activities will include Surf, Mountain Biking, Skateboard, BMX, Base Jumping as well as a selection of art, music and lifestyle documentaries. Some of the featured athletes will include Nyjah Huston, Robbie Madison, Rob Dyrdek and Nicholi Rogatkin.

New titles will premiere weekly throughout 2019 and will be available to watch on our Facebook video playlist here.