FIS Confirm World Snow Day for Six More Years

27th September 2019

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The International Ski Federation (FIS) have confirmed the annual World Snow Day will continue at least to 2025 and have even fixed the dates when it will take place.

World Snow Day is part of an FIS programme established in 2007 to encourage more children and families to try snow sports.  Hundreds of ski areas in dozens of countries around the world take part each January, organising free or heavily discounted snow experience and snow fun events.

The 9th edition of World Snow Day will take place on 19th January 2020 when it is expected around 500 events will be organised.

The next five World Snow Days will take place on 17th January 2021, 16th January 2022, 15th January 2023, 21st January 2024 and 19th January 2025.

“The FIS hopes this information helps current and potential organisers with their planning,” said an FIS spokesperson, adding, “We also would like to thank everyone for being part of the project thus far and we look forward to continuing to bring as many children to participate in and enjoy snow sports.”