In-telligent Keeps Skiers and Snowboarders Safe with SkiConnect Emergency Contact Service

10th February 2019

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In-telligent, provider of a personal safety and emergency communications platform designed to keep individuals safe during emergency situations and time-sensitive events, today announced the availability of SkiConnect, a free service that immediately connects skiers and snowboarders with emergency services at major ski resorts in North America, Europe and Asia. SkiConnect, built into the In-telligent iOS and Android mobile apps is populated with emergency contact numbers for major ski resorts in different parts of the world, allowing In-telligent users to automatically contact emergency personnel with the push of a button.

With SkiConnect, users can easily contact resort ski patrol, instructors and other emergency responders if they get injured or take a fall and need help getting down the mountain. With specific groups for major ski resorts already loaded into the In-telligent app, users can join the appropriate group for whatever resort they are visiting before they go. Alternatively, by having location services enabled on their phone, users can easily connect to the resort they’re visiting when they need immediate assistance. In either situation, In-telligent users who encounter trouble on the slopes can simply open the app on their phone and click the “Contact” button on the bottom of the screen, and a phone call to emergency services will be automatically initiated.

“SkiConnect is an important service for anyone planning to hit the slopes this winter,” said Mike Wilwert, a ski instructor at Park City Mountain. “Accidents happen all the time and sometimes help can be hard to find. I’m on the mountain almost every day, and I see a lot of people who have trouble and need attention. With In-telligent I can make a quick call for them and get them help right away. Rather than having to search my contacts to try to find a patrol person to call, I can make a phone call and be connected to the right person in one or two clicks. By giving people immediate access to ski patrol services from within the app, snow enthusiasts can rest assured that they can quickly and easily get assistance when they need it.”

Like other emergency services that operate on a lower frequency cellular network, SkiConnect works in areas where mobile connectivity may be weak. It also works over a resort’s public Wi-Fi network, ensuring users have better access to help when emergencies occur.

“Many ski resorts have their own apps, but most do not include a way to contact emergency personnel when incidents happen,” said Allan Sutherland, Founder and CEO of In-telligent. “SkiConnect makes it much easier to get help when needed by automatically connecting users to their mountain’s emergency services team,” said Allan Sutherland, Founder and CEO of In-telligent. “Searching the internet for the right number to call is the last thing someone who is hurt wants to do. Our new feature makes it simple to connect to emergency services and get help as soon as possible.”

In addition to SkiConnect, In-telligent features an SOS button that automatically connects users with local emergency responders when they need help anywhere in the world. In the U.S., pressing the SOS button automatically connects users to 9-1-1; in other parts of the world, the button contacts local emergency services, relieving travelers of having to know the phone number for first responders in the countries they visit.

“I know first-hand how frightening it can be to be stuck on a mountain in need of help, unable to get down on my own,” said Sutherland. “Knowing that help is just a few clicks away provides incredible peace of mind so people can enjoy a day with friends and family on the snow and not worry.”

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