International Guests Not Dropping Japanese Ski Trip Plans Following Earthquake

19th September 2018

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The Japan times has reported that there have been no reported cancellations of international guests aiming to come and ski on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido following a major earthquake earlier this month.

This is in marked contrast to the number of domestic cancellations for autumn visits which have reached almost a million people (942,000 people cancelling accommodation bookings at the last count) with resulting losses estimated at nearly 30 billion yen (£200m).

The earthquake hit Hokkaido on September 6th hitting the maximum level 7 in Japan at its epicentre, although in the country’s most famous resort, Niseko, 100 kilometres west, it was down to level 4.  The resort lost power for 24 hours but suffered no major structural damage.

Hokkaido received a record high of 56.1 million tourists in year wending 31st March 2018.  Staff at Niseko are concerned of groundless rumours spreading through social media and according to the japan Times report is considering closing the comments section on its Facebook page as a way to lessen their impact.

“We have received some very sensitive comments regarding the Tomari nuclear power plant and its effect on Niseko, despite the fact that there was no damage to the plant in the first place,” one official told the newspaper referring to a power plant 30km from the ski area.