Lindsey Vonn Chooses Dainese Protection As She Heads Into Her Final Season

21st November 2018

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Dainese proudly announces Lindsey Vonn as a member of the Dainese D-air® Ski team. Vonn has been key in testing and developing the D-air® system behind the scenes since the 2017/2018 season, and will now be wearing the D-air® airbag vest in the World Cup. D-air® is an intelligent, wearable airbag safety system that activates when required, just before an impact.

“As a speed skier, safety is a major priority for me and Dainese’s back protector and airbag system allow me to perform at my best, manage risk and really go for it,” says Vonn in anticipation of her final racing season.

While competing in GS discipline, Vonn chooses Dainese’s Flexagon back protector.

Marco Pastore, Racing Director at Dainese added: “We are very proud Lindsey joined the Dainese team. She is a star who really needs no presentation. By choosing the Dainese protection and D-air® Ski in particular, Lindsey proves she is very conscious about safety. Safety has always been Dainese’s mission and we always try to set higher standards. We are sure that that Lindsey’s contribution will be priceless.”

In 2012, the first D-air® Ski prototype was released and it was the beginning of a new era for skiing safety. Dainese has been supporting Downhill and Super-G athletes with the D-air® Ski system on the FIS World Cup circuit since 2014-15, by exponentially increasing the level of safety.

D-air® relies on two key assets: the airbag, which constitutes the heart of the system, and the algorithm, which represents the true intelligence. The 3D airbag is what makes D-air® unique: thanks to a patented internal Microfilaments Technology, the airbag inflates in a balanced way, creating an effective shield around the skier’s body. The power behind the brain of the D-air® Ski system is its deployment algorithm, which detects and analyses data from the sensors to perceive an incipient fall and triggering the inflation of the airbag.

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