Super-Exclusive Private Ski Resort Launches in Colorado

24th September 2018

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A new ski area will begin operating in Colorado this winter for a very small group of multi-millionaire investors.

The Cimarron Mountain Club will accept only 13 families who will be able to access the 1,750 acre ski area in the northern San Juan mountains by snowcat to access their private powder.  Around 60 ski runs have been (or will be) cut through the trees here.

Each family membership starts at $2m or $3.2m (according to differing reports) for which the investor gets a 35-acre parcel of land for a home and the resort will feature a large base lodge with six suites and three four-bedroom cabins for use by members.  Annual membership fees of over $50,000 are also payable.

North America is home to a growing number of private ski resorts, most famous of which is the Yellowstone Club in Montana which, combined with inter-connected Big Sky resort forms one of the continent’s biggest ski areas.  It was near to bankruptcy during the economic crash a decade ago but has gone from strength to strength ever since and now has hundreds of multi-millionaire owners including politicians, businessmen, movie, music industry and sports stars.

Unlike Yellowstone however, where member build elaborate on-mountain vacation homes, there will be no requirement for Cimarron Mountain Club owners to build on their land, or they’re welcome to build a simple shack if they wish.  Access to the ski area will also be over snow with no access road planned, so it is attracting a certain type of super-rich, powder-loving investor.