27th December 2018

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From the MotoGP paddock to the Alpine Ski World Cup: Dainese raises the bar for technical service and assistance to the world’s fastest skiers. The presence of the D-mobile puts Dainese one step ahead and allows you to get closer to the athletes during the most important stages of the racing weekend.

As it has done at every World Championship event since 2001, Dainese brings the Racing Service D-mobile to the snow of Bormio. Inside the new structure, inaugurated at the 2018 Mugello Grand Prix, specialized Dainese technicians carefully download the data from the control unit sensors: the GPS, accelerometers and gyroscopes. This data is then sent to Dainese’s Research and Development department where it is analyzed to allow the D-air® system to be continuously refined.

Dainese’s D-air® airbag system is used by some of the best Super Giant Slalom and Downhill athletes in the world, including Lindsey Vonn, Sofia Goggia and Matthias Mayer. Dainese introduced the first D-air® Ski prototype in 2012. Its World Cup debut took place during the 2014/2015 season and heralded the beginning of a new age in ski safety. Since then, Dainese’s relentless approach to research and development has been the key to exponentially increasing the level of protection offered to athletes.


D-air® has two key elements: the airbag, which is the heart of the system, and the algorithm, which represents the real intelligence. The three-dimensional airbag is what makes D-air® unique. The patented internal microfilament technology ensures that the airbag inflates in a controlled way, creating a protective shield around the skier’s body. The brain of D-air® is its algorithm that controls activation. The algorithm detects and analyses data from the sensors and recognizes the dynamic of a fall, prompting it to inflate the airbag.


The Dainese Team will open up the D-Mobile doors for you to get a close up look at what the Racing Service does at the Alpine Ski World Cup from December 26 to 29 in Bormio.