US Ski Association Warms Planned US Tariffs on Chinese-made Skiwear Will Hit US Skiers

26th June 2019

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Additional 25 percent tariffs that the U.S. government plans to levy on winter sports products would be mainly passed on to U.S. consumers, Chris Steinkamp of the U.S. snow sports trade association Snowsports Industries America (SIA) told China’s Xinhua publication at the weekend.

The US tariffs are being considered for an additional $300 billion of Chinese goods including jackets, footwear, ski boots and helmets.

U.S. consumers have already paid an extra 1.1 billion dollars in tariffs on outdoor products in the last 12 months, according to a recent study by Outdoor Industry Association of the United States.

SIA President Nick Sargent is reported to have urged the U.S. government to avoid imposing new tariffs by continuing discussions with China and called on its members to call, write, tweet, or visit members of the Congress.

“We’ll see the real impact when winter sports products arrive in shops in the fall,” Steinkamp told  Xinhua.